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1:34pm 20-01-2016
Please tell me where I can get these beautiful Lithops.
3:50pm 15-01-2016
Please tell me where I can get these beautiful Lithops. I am so in love with them!

8:15am 23-11-2015
Quisiera Lithops como las que veo en las fotos
11:35pm 24-10-2015
Bendicion de tener tan bella coleccion. Como pudiera conseguir un esqueje o semilla??? Saludos desde Guatemala
2:16pm 24-10-2015
Dear Sr i need purchase Lithops seeds
Can you send me your Jaipur Aderss, Celular number contact? Thanks,

6:21am 05-10-2015
gostaria de comprar cactos e suculentas pra vender
8:30am 23-06-2015
Sir, I'm searching some cactuses,succulent for my nursery. Thanks
3:05pm 24-04-2015
I need to have some best collection of Candice fat succulents. You r no.1 in the world of cactus & succulents. Regards
7:59pm 14-04-2015
Dear Sir,

Was searching for fascinating Lithops in India and my web search led to you. Amazing collection..... paradise for succulent lovers.


6:31pm 13-03-2015
i want some lithops plant . Basant kumar kesarwani from kanpur
9:44am 08-03-2015
Dear sir:
i have view your picture of lithops etc,where you take the picture?could you give me a contact way
11:21pm 17-03-2014
Hats of to you sir. Cant imagine better display of self grown plants
1:07pm 08-03-2014
Which is the best hypertensive for t-2 diabetic woman?
12:04pm 18-01-2014
we need the book, shakahari lajawab vyanjan. how to get?
9:16am 04-12-2013
Thank you for the beautiful pictures and the inspiration from your website! I live in Northern California, but I love India and have always been facinated by the beauty there. I doubt if I will be able to visit there in this lifetime, so thank you for taking me on a trip through there, with your wonderful photos!
Best to you always, -Lois
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