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5:31pm 21-02-2011
Very nice. Are some panoramics?
9:38am 21-02-2011
Hats off !
A dream land for cactus collectors.

12:30am 01-01-2011
Magnificent photography and plants! Thank you for sharing it with us.
6:52pm 30-12-2010
Dear KK
Wonderful Kaleidoscope of marvelous images!
1:39pm 28-10-2010
Dear Sir,
A verry nice garden with BEATIFUL plants. pitty that you say that there is no time spend as it need, and the plants become more wild , what is nice to.. Cok Grootscholten from the Netherlands.
9:35pm 27-10-2010
Dear sir,
Namasker, I regularly watch your photography in your site. great, also as your plants, like cono, fabulous. love with best kind regards soumen aditya.
7:22am 11-10-2010
Wonderful collection of varied photos and cactus, great work
11:49pm 23-08-2010
Namaskar Mr Agarwal I had visited you on 22 Aug 2010 at 4pm your collection of Lithpos,edenium,uphorbia and other plants collection are explendid.I wish you sell and help me collecting as good a collection as yours.
8:49pm 17-06-2010
Wonderful images good luck on your continued success
with these wonderful plants!
12:49am 11-06-2010
Dear Dr. Agrawal,
After going through your work,I may Only say that God has made the beauty but you have shown it Congretulations
5:57am 07-03-2010
sou apaixonada por Cactos e Suculentas amei as fotos.
6:59am 25-02-2010
Great images.
8:14pm 16-02-2010
Wish I could get Lithops to live long enough to bloom. Yours look so great.What is your secret? Or is it impossible to grow them in the house ?
Thanks for the great show. BBJ
9:17am 11-02-2010
Dear KK Agrawal
Very impressive photos in your website.
So I link your website in my blog.

What you think that is most important factor of being multi-headed lithops?

best wishes

9:08am 24-12-2009
Dear Mr. Agrawal.

This is Hae-kyoung Jung in Korea .
(my blog address : & my twitter :

I can never forget the fantastic pictures in your website,
I was very much impressed with the pictures.

After much thought, I decided to buy Lithops that belonged to Mr. Agrawal.

Would you agree to my opinion?

I feel sorry that I have to buy your efforts with money.

If you are willing to see your Lithops, please let me know a reasonable price and other expenses.

I shall be glad to pay for everything.

Looking forward to your positive response, I remain.

Mr. Agrawal !! Merry Christmas & Happy new year .(*^.^*)
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