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4:18pm 18-12-2009
lovely pictures !!!
9:30am 12-12-2009
very Wonderful photography
1:45pm 12-11-2009
Excelente photography.
11:21pm 10-11-2009
Priya Bhai,
This small selection of your evocative pictures of life on the road reminded me of my seven months spent on the rooad, from Delhi to UK, hitch-hiking and sleeping rough, and i did not feel a bit of pain. I guess, we indians find our heaven wherever we put or heads down!

These pictures are a sheer delight: Life full of smiles, solace and carefree synergy.
10:16pm 26-10-2009
good v good very very good
9:49pm 22-10-2009
Sorry for the 'typo' in 'rhythm'!
9:45pm 22-10-2009
Dear Mr. Agrawal,
I´ve come to your website by a link on the Mesembs Study Group website. Your collection of Mesembryanthemaceae is sheer madness (in the positive sense of course)! It´s a great pleasure to browse through your excellent pictures. How you use back light in your Mesembs 'Rhtythm' pages is what I love in particular! Good work!

All the best,

8:32pm 17-10-2009
Always remarkable plants and photography.
11:27am 17-10-2009
Beautiful photos and a big, excelent collection
9:31am 13-10-2009
Really good! An innovative idea to express oneself creatively!!
11:50pm 12-10-2009
too good
8:06am 12-10-2009
Amazing collection!..and Excellent photography!.. I have some of your pictures in my house on walls which gives another accent to my house!. The photographs draws attention of almost everybody..!
The way you handle camera lens & click the pictures bring out the intricate details of the subject making it look livable as if the subject is directly in front of your eyes trying to converse with you..
I learned many aspects of photography by seeing your collection & try to inculcate some of your techniques into mine. Yet, there is lot to be learned. Hope to see you soon in California with your third eye (Camera)...

Hope to see your many more collections!

California, USA.
7:28am 12-10-2009
Nice pictures. They portray the country where you are living now. Keep up the good work. With your exhibit in mind, I'm contemplating to select also the best shots of my collection of photographs at Big apple City since 1999, and do an exhibit of them someday. Best regards to you.
7:59pm 23-09-2009
Dear Shree Agrawal Ji,
It was sheer delight, to say the least, to see your wonderful photographs today.
Kindly accept my heartiest congratulations for such a nice exhibition.
9:13am 13-09-2009
Dear K.K. Agrawalji, I was pleasently surprised to meet such a multifaceted person like you with so many unique skills, hobbies and with expertise in all of them too!
And that eye for perfection is a bit frightening! LOL
Keep up the good work

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