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8:19am 29-10-2021
Leslie Hurlburt
How very wonderful! Thank you ever so much.
10:06pm 11-02-2021
Pamela Myhre
Hello from Bend, OR! Your collections are amazing! Thanks for sharing!
10:49pm 12-12-2020
Tyler Carson
Greetings from California! You have a wonderful collection of plants. Thank you for sharing them with the world.
7:52am 11-12-2019
Brijesh Kumar Meena
Lagendry K.K. sir,

You are true inspiration for me. I can't even imagine one man as a hobbyist can maintain such big cactus n succulents collection. Your lithops collection is beyond my imagination.

Thanks for inspiration and guiding us.

Brijesh Kumar Meena
10:41pm 24-08-2019
Iván Sánchez
Saludos desde México
3:15pm 20-03-2018
Deepak Bhartia
Respected Agrawal ji,

I salute you for your passion and collection.

I wish to meet you sometime and view your collection. There is so much to learn from you about growing cactus and succulents.


Deepak Bhartia
11:46am 10-03-2018
SP'S Aulakh
Dear Mr Agrawal,
You really have a very impressive collection of Lithops. I have recently retired from the Army and wish to take up Lithops growing as my hobby. Do you sell seeds/ Lithops. Also how difficult are they to grow and manage. Are inputs from the net enough or is it advisable to learn from some experienced grower like yourself. I am Chandigarh based and have visited cactus garden at Panchkula but alas, they do not sell seeds as yet.
Hoping for some inputs from you
5:15am 10-02-2018
Norma Flores
Hi. Love your lithops. I have been in love with them for years now. Have bought many seeds without luck. Where you buy and best way to cultivate them?
4:43pm 26-05-2017
That collection of lithops left me gaping! Thank you.
9:01am 06-04-2017
12:57pm 25-03-2017
Priya Bendrey
Mr Agarwal,

I just read the page about your trip to Bangkok, Chatuchaak market.
I am interested in buying lotus from there as i am going to Bangkok on 10th April 2017.
Can you please guide me from where exactly in Chatuchaak i can buy lotus plants?
I would like to talk with you in this regard. Can you please share your contact details?

Thank you so much,
Priya Bendrey
1:56am 21-02-2017
Dear Aggrawal, I have recently discovered Lithops and the only place I have found them to purchase is Lowes garden center for anywhere from $2.99 to $4.99. I thought this might help some of your guest. By the way, you have a very beautiful and varied collection. Thanks for showing.
7:20am 13-02-2017
Girdhar Gupta
Dear Aggrawal, Many are interested in buying Lithops and other plants from you. But see that there is no response to their requests.
3:05am 07-11-2016
What a delight to find such an incredible Wealth of Beauty, thanks for sharing.
2:57am 14-10-2016
I would like to know where I can purchase some of these. I have tried seeds without luck
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