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3:07pm 28-08-2012
Dear Sir,
Very nice collection,I want to visit your place ,if possible,pls give your address.
Thanks in advance.
12:10pm 08-08-2012
I am amazed to see your collection. i am a die hard fan of succulents.
Plzzz let me know how can i get them or propagate them in delhi.
3:11pm 07-08-2012
raja bose
only i can say saw a whole new world of plants sitting in front of computer great experiance
6:37pm 19-06-2012
Sima Javed Khan
Hi !
i'm stunned by your Lithop's collection. love to have them, plz let me know how can i get them.
10:45pm 05-04-2012
very very nice!
12:14pm 21-03-2012
Harvinder Singh
Incredible, My hobby recharged by seeing your collection.
7:21pm 06-03-2012
真了不起能够养殖这么多品种 .. 来自中国的问候^^
(Amzaing collection! Greeting from China..)
4:25am 26-12-2011
Neal Aylor
5:35am 02-12-2011
Ken Preteroti
Great pictures. Do you have a plant name list for the Lithops, Conophytums and Mesembs?

Ken P
4:26am 25-10-2011
Al. Leroy
simply fantastic!!!!!
I would like to be the gardner of this paradise !! I'm studying the succulents of the Canary Islands. Interested in having suc.plants from this region?? Let me know, I will be there again in spring 2012
A. Leroy and on this page you will find my webshots adress
1:00am 24-09-2011
great pics of america lot of simulaties to argentina where i visited few years ago must have been a amazing ljourney thanks for showing it roger
10:58pm 22-09-2011
Dear Sir, I would like collect lotus from you.Do you sell for collection. It is great pleasure to meet you.Hope to recieve your co-operation in collecting
With warm regards
7:36am 23-08-2011
Robert Crane
Your photographs of the American Southwest are art. You make me see with new eyes and wish to revisit these places. Thank you for showing this.
Robert Crane
McAllen, TX (USA)
6:22pm 02-07-2011
Manoj Agrawal
I m interested to in photography and after visit your site i dont have any words keep it sirji
3:34pm 24-04-2011
after visit your site i cannot say about your lobour,keep it in future
deepak jilowa
kv chandi nagar (up)
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