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10:01am 02-04-2011
Pradeep Tomar
Dear Dr Agrawal.Greetings.I visited your site recently. Few days back there was a show of succulents in Delhi. I along with a friend of mine who has a farm with name Plantae paradise in Parwanoo Himacha Pradesh.He told me about your collection and referred you as the best collector of the succulents,cacti and Lithops.I dont know if you know him ,He is Lt col. Maneet Singh Dawra.I saw a few Lithops in the show and felt attracted to them. Sincerely speaking I have no past experience of having them.BUT I wish to have them in my small hobby garden on my terrace.If its possible for you to send me the price list and the variety names of available Lithops and succulents then I would be highly obliged. I could have gone through the googling and copy paste the attractive looking plants name and ask you directly pretending that I know everything BUT frankly speaking I have almost nil idea about Lithops and little idea of succulents and cacti.Hoping to have a
converstaion on this ...RegardsPradeep Tomar09212135778
8:28pm 06-03-2011
Mark Mowery
Favorite panos: #2 and #12. Favorite portrait orientation shot: #3.
5:52pm 06-03-2011
very impressive pictures; perhaps the first picture could have been lightened up by the evergreen that seems to be tilting.
5:44pm 06-03-2011
Dr. Gerald Barad
I tried to add a note to your guestbook but it did not come through. This is a second try

I just went through your awesome set of pictures of the cactus garden in Chandigarh. I found the link on the fat plant discussion group page. It was a real thrill to see how it had progressed. I had the pleasure of traveling with Dr. Sarkaria in 1975 when he took his first field trip to study succulents in South India. When we were in Chandigarh he took me to the cactus garden which was in its earliest stages. I was surprised to read in a note on a Chandigarh website that the garden was started in 1987. It has surely developed into a world class garden now!!
10:53pm 02-03-2011
Fen chong Michel
congratulations!your pics are always amazing!
thank you for sharing
Michel Reunion Island
4:34pm 24-02-2011
perfect, nice, wonderful
8:29am 22-02-2011
Dr P S Sangwan
Wah...Wah dear KK Sir.
You always arouse our nostalgia and sweet memories of our Cactus Garden Panchkula and reverend Dr J S Sarkaria.
Your Pics, old as well as new are superb.
Thanks for sharing.
Dr. Partap Sangwan.
Uklana Mandi (Hisar) -Haryana.
5:31pm 21-02-2011
joe giambelluca
Very nice. Are some panoramics?
9:38am 21-02-2011
Hats off !
A dream land for cactus collectors.

12:30am 01-01-2011
Shireen Gonzaga
Magnificent photography and plants! Thank you for sharing it with us.
6:52pm 30-12-2010
Dr P S Sangwan
Dear KK
Wonderful Kaleidoscope of marvelous images!
1:39pm 28-10-2010
Cok Grootscholten
Dear Sir,
A verry nice garden with BEATIFUL plants. pitty that you say that there is no time spend as it need, and the plants become more wild , what is nice to.. Cok Grootscholten from the Netherlands.
9:35pm 27-10-2010
Dear sir,
Namasker, I regularly watch your photography in your site. great, also as your plants, like cono, fabulous. love with best kind regards soumen aditya.
7:22am 11-10-2010
Mukul Raniwala
Wonderful collection of varied photos and cactus, great work
11:49pm 23-08-2010
Namaskar Mr Agarwal I had visited you on 22 Aug 2010 at 4pm your collection of Lithpos,edenium,uphorbia and other plants collection are explendid.I wish you sell and help me collecting as good a collection as yours.
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