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8:49pm 17-06-2010
Wonderful images good luck on your continued success
with these wonderful plants!
12:49am 11-06-2010
Dear Dr. Agrawal,
After going through your work,I may Only say that God has made the beauty but you have shown it Congretulations
5:57am 07-03-2010
sou apaixonada por Cactos e Suculentas amei as fotos.
6:59am 25-02-2010
Great images.
8:14pm 16-02-2010
Barbara Jones
Wish I could get Lithops to live long enough to bloom. Yours look so great.What is your secret? Or is it impossible to grow them in the house ?
Thanks for the great show. BBJ
9:17am 11-02-2010
Yong Man Lee
Dear KK Agrawal
Very impressive photos in your website.
So I link your website in my blog.

What you think that is most important factor of being multi-headed lithops?

best wishes

9:08am 24-12-2009
Hae Kyoung Jung
Dear Mr. Agrawal.

This is Hae-kyoung Jung in Korea .
(my blog address : & my twitter :

I can never forget the fantastic pictures in your website,
I was very much impressed with the pictures.

After much thought, I decided to buy Lithops that belonged to Mr. Agrawal.

Would you agree to my opinion?

I feel sorry that I have to buy your efforts with money.

If you are willing to see your Lithops, please let me know a reasonable price and other expenses.

I shall be glad to pay for everything.

Looking forward to your positive response, I remain.

Mr. Agrawal !! Merry Christmas & Happy new year .(*^.^*)
4:18pm 18-12-2009
lovely pictures !!!
9:30am 12-12-2009
Jung hae kyoung
very Wonderful photography
1:45pm 12-11-2009
Excelente photography.
11:21pm 10-11-2009
Shreeram Vidyarthi
Priya Bhai,
This small selection of your evocative pictures of life on the road reminded me of my seven months spent on the rooad, from Delhi to UK, hitch-hiking and sleeping rough, and i did not feel a bit of pain. I guess, we indians find our heaven wherever we put or heads down!

These pictures are a sheer delight: Life full of smiles, solace and carefree synergy.
10:16pm 26-10-2009
good v good very very good
9:49pm 22-10-2009
Sorry for the 'typo' in 'rhythm'!
9:45pm 22-10-2009
Dear Mr. Agrawal,
I´ve come to your website by a link on the Mesembs Study Group website. Your collection of Mesembryanthemaceae is sheer madness (in the positive sense of course)! It´s a great pleasure to browse through your excellent pictures. How you use back light in your Mesembs 'Rhtythm' pages is what I love in particular! Good work!

All the best,

8:32pm 17-10-2009
Always remarkable plants and photography.
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