12:18pm 22-02-2009
Pamela Stegmaier

Your pictures are exceptionally beautiful and very large healthy specimens too. I've got quite a few all in the same community pot like yours, but mine are much smaller. Hope I can grow them as large as yours!

8:05pm 18-02-2009
Mark Curtis
Hi KK,
I used to live in India may years ago, and visited your home mabe 25 years ago. I now live in Canada, and collect only caudiciforms. It is nice to see your pictures. keep in touch.
7:07pm 16-02-2009
8:24pm 15-02-2009
Geeta Athreya
Brilliant!! What is the secret?
10:10pm 14-02-2009
Magnificent specimens, They make mine look like candidates for a rehab program!
8:55pm 14-02-2009
Jose Barto
Your collection is AWSUM! I have never been able to get clomps like yours how do you do it? My lithops flower, and give seeds, but they just stay at one to four heads.
3:00am 14-02-2009
Linda Gleisser
Beautiful, impressive plants and fantastic Photography!
7:38am 11-02-2009
Love the Site!
8:58pm 10-02-2009
Fantastic Photographs.
Absolute Photography.
Simply amazing.
5:02pm 03-01-2009
maga mugu
i love u
1:59pm 16-12-2008
Nice plants. Plant 1 is adenia spinosa and 2 and 3 are adenia glauca.
6:23pm 27-11-2008
daniel connell
Dear Mr Agrawal
Your pictures are magnificent. You are one of the finest photographers in India. You deserve great congratultions and more awards
Best wishes
8:36am 27-10-2008
I've seen many great photos of plants, but nothing like yours. The photos of mesembs, conophytums, lithops are amazing. Great photography. A wide assortment of lithops, conos, mesembs. I've never seen photos of many of them. Now I want them all. And such healthy plants.
It looks as if you have a greenhouse - lucky you.
What country are in from?
10:20am 06-09-2008
guruji...........I have no words ...................there is no words to describe ..................just keep on lookingggggggggggggggggggggg.................
6:13am 26-08-2008
Sergio david
Suas fotografias sao belissimas , esta de parabens!!!!
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