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8:24pm 15-02-2009
Geeta Athreya
Brilliant!! What is the secret?
10:10pm 14-02-2009
Magnificent specimens, They make mine look like candidates for a rehab program!
8:55pm 14-02-2009
Jose Barto
Your collection is AWSUM! I have never been able to get clomps like yours how do you do it? My lithops flower, and give seeds, but they just stay at one to four heads.
3:00am 14-02-2009
Linda Gleisser
Beautiful, impressive plants and fantastic Photography!
7:38am 11-02-2009
Love the Site!
8:58pm 10-02-2009
Fantastic Photographs.
Absolute Photography.
Simply amazing.
5:02pm 03-01-2009
maga mugu
i love u
1:59pm 16-12-2008
Nice plants. Plant 1 is adenia spinosa and 2 and 3 are adenia glauca.
6:23pm 27-11-2008
daniel connell
Dear Mr Agrawal
Your pictures are magnificent. You are one of the finest photographers in India. You deserve great congratultions and more awards
Best wishes
8:36am 27-10-2008
I've seen many great photos of plants, but nothing like yours. The photos of mesembs, conophytums, lithops are amazing. Great photography. A wide assortment of lithops, conos, mesembs. I've never seen photos of many of them. Now I want them all. And such healthy plants.
It looks as if you have a greenhouse - lucky you.
What country are in from?
10:20am 06-09-2008
guruji...........I have no words ...................there is no words to describe ..................just keep on lookingggggggggggggggggggggg.................
6:13am 26-08-2008
Sergio david
Suas fotografias sao belissimas , esta de parabens!!!!
6:23am 22-08-2008
Arun Nath
Fascinating collection. Some engross you others enchant. I am glad to see new(er) technologies being absorbed. From jewellery to cacti to photography. Amazing, Agarwal sahib !
2:19am 22-08-2008
Shantanu Garg
respected sir,
I shantanu made an attempt to frame my vision as photographer by reflecting my pics at the exhibition called A CLICK by Mr. Mahesh Swami, you too gave your gracious prescence at the exhibition, sir i am extremely influenced by your sensitive perception to obtain compositions that moves the viewers eyes horizontally and vertically blending the colours, aesthetics, lights all togethere in one frame. your sharp vision is great contribution to the art.

3rd year b.arch., MNIT Jaipur
5:48pm 21-08-2008
Inder Gopal
Dear KK ji,
Great display of work, i had gone through the images in the panorama link in your website. The hall is very impressive and hope it will become a center for art and culture with many exhibitions taking place on a regular basis.
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