6:23am 22-08-2008
Arun Nath
Fascinating collection. Some engross you others enchant. I am glad to see new(er) technologies being absorbed. From jewellery to cacti to photography. Amazing, Agarwal sahib !
2:19am 22-08-2008
Shantanu Garg
respected sir,
I shantanu made an attempt to frame my vision as photographer by reflecting my pics at the exhibition called A CLICK by Mr. Mahesh Swami, you too gave your gracious prescence at the exhibition, sir i am extremely influenced by your sensitive perception to obtain compositions that moves the viewers eyes horizontally and vertically blending the colours, aesthetics, lights all togethere in one frame. your sharp vision is great contribution to the art.

3rd year b.arch., MNIT Jaipur
5:48pm 21-08-2008
Inder Gopal
Dear KK ji,
Great display of work, i had gone through the images in the panorama link in your website. The hall is very impressive and hope it will become a center for art and culture with many exhibitions taking place on a regular basis.
7:58pm 20-08-2008
GK Goel
Dear Agarwal Sahab,
Amezing collection of photograph. You have a great wide spectrum of hobby from cactus to grenery. Really nice to enjoy a lively show.
GK Goel, Saharanpur UP
11:16pm 19-08-2008
Pankaj Purohit
Great work sir, I enjoyed the exhibition lively, so I could felt the life in your work. This is realy great work, color and contrast with full of details. Your panormas now relaly pushing to experimenting, and now I am trying to capture wide areas in panorma form
2:39am 19-08-2008
May Lattanzio
Wonderful news. You should be very proud.

May Lattanzio
Florida, USA
11:25am 18-08-2008
Shreeram Vidyarthi
Felictations, KK, for the excellent views of India, especially of rural landscapes. My homeland appears much more real in these pictures than in those concocted, touristic images of monuments and tarted up images flourishing in travel guides.

Very good photography and very creative compositions.Wish I had taken even one of those pictures.

Finally, location-indicator captios would have helped a lot more. For instance the image 4 looked like Kerala (?); image 7 was peobably Tamilnadu (?) I am not very good at guessing landscapes, but captions would have helped!
9:21pm 15-08-2008
Barry Ailetcher
Super nice images and I love the way your gallery is click on a image and it pops up great work
12:24pm 22-07-2008
sunil singh
Dear SIr
Your photography is really amezing.


5:57am 08-07-2008
Dr P S Sangwan
Wonderful photography on all subjects.
Very ecstatic and exotic collection and display of C & S flowering plants.
No match.
will like to visit you in near future.
Dr P S Sangwan.
Uklana Mandi 125 113
Distt. Hisar -Haryana
10:42pm 06-07-2008
Barry Ailetcher
Very nice gallery
1:05am 29-05-2008
Pankaj Purohit
Sir, Nice photography portfolio. This is good to see some great untouched photos from Jaipur.I found some panormas, this is nice stuf to play. I just tried only once but was not real panorma. I am trieng to play with this. I always like your photos very much. Best wishes.
1:19pm 24-05-2008
Anil Sharma
Superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We Enjoyed your work Thank You very much keep it up.

anil sharma
11:40pm 03-05-2008
Stephen Bruno
These images are wonderful!
3:14am 03-05-2008
May Lattanzio
Beautiful panoramas. Are those tea plantations? Also, where were you in India. Thank you. I have not tried panoramas yet.

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